Community Manager


BallywhoSocial is seeking a Community Manager to join our team.

Manage the overall social communications, ad strategy, public relations, and analytics for client social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and more. Demonstrate exceptional communication skills and social media experience. Work closely with staff to effectively meet client goals while maintaining a strong client relationship. Communicate with commenters daily while monitoring platforms, responding to notifications and connecting with client partners on social media.

This is a telecommuting position which may require travel.


  • Monitor and maintain workflow on client social platforms by ensuring client marketing goals are being met, content is posting and notifications are being managed.

  • Review and update client strategy and content plans.

  • Manage and create campaign proposals for client social ad strategy.

  • Work closely with BallywhoSocial staff to ensure daily client requests are being met in a timely manner.

  • Compose original, thoughtful, and engaging content for various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram

  • Create compelling social graphic images to match written content and client marketing initiatives

  • Adhere to best practices for each platform and apply the latest social media trends for business to client social strategy

  • Maintain a client-centered focus at all times

  • Contribute to the creation of in-house marketing materials as needed

  • Meet daily and weekly deadlines

  • Travel occasionally for staff meetings or to meet with clients or provide social reporting including live social media posting and photography


  • Strong, self-directed work ethic

  • Ability to meet daily and weekly deadlines from a home-based office

  • Ability to manage multiple tasks in any given day, and respond, follow-up, delegate and deliver in a timely manner

  • Understand and enjoy using multiple social media platforms in a professional manner 

  • Value customer service and accommodate clients’ changing needs and requests

  • Can clearly communicate best practices for social media

  • Effectively and consistently articulate progress, goals and challenges to other team members

  • Prioritize factual accuracy


Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, such as English, journalism, or marketing.

Strong background in written communication (web, journalism, PR, or marketing preferred)

Extensive understanding of business best practices for social media strategy, multiple social media platforms and web communication. 

Equal opportunity employer

To apply, email

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