Social Media Advertising


Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a great way to be sure that your brand is being seen on a regular basis. BallywhoSocial has experts that will help you develop engaging ads that target your core demographic for maximum impact.


NewspaperSponsored Stories

Word of mouth is always a company’s best friend. Sponsored Stories promote word of mouth by marketing your customer’s organizational stamp of approval. Let BallywhoSocial set up your next sponsored stories campaign for increased exposure.


SpeakerPromoted Posts

Did you just announce something on your social network and want it to achieve an even greater reach? BallywhoSocial has experts that can help you develop posts and promote them to deepen your engagement with the larger social media community.


StopwatchAd Management

Advertising campaigns can prove to be time intensive and difficult to manage. Let BallywhoSocial take the pressure off with experts that manage your campaign for you, providing your company with the best overall campaign possible.


QRQR Codes

With the expansive nature of mobile, QR codes can be an incredible tool to reach users immediately where they are. BallywhoSocial has the tools necessary to help you develop a QR code campaign and ensure its implementation is successful.



Social networking provides for a plethora of advertising opportunities. BallywhoSocial’s team are social advertising experts and want to help you maximize your advertising budget by leveraging the power of social.

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