Social eValuation


It can be difficult to connect social media initiatives with business success, but it doesn’t have to be. The first step to removing the mystery is to know where you stand. From there, you can create a social media strategy to meet business objectives and produce a return on investment.

That’s why we created the Social Media eValuation – so you can understand how your social media initiatives are achieving business success.

Are you currently doing what it takes to earn an A+ rating? Find out by completing the Ballywho Social eValuation.

In just a matter of minutes we will grade your company’s social media acumen and provide you with a report card to summarize your performance.

  • How strong is your social media presence?
  • Are you at the top of your class when it comes to audience engagement?
  • Do you have social influence when compared to your classmates?

We’ll also include the cliff notes that will teach you how to leverage and monetize social media opportunities.

Jump start your social media by filling out the form today!

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