Why Non-Profits Should Consider Using a Social Media Company To Build Awareness

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Partnering with a social media company could greatly increase awareness about your cause.


If you head a non-profit organization, spreading awareness about your cause is probably a top priority. In the past decade, this process has dramatically shifted in favor of a strong social media strategy. Word of mouth still remains the most powerful force, but now word of mouth has gone digital, and information can be shared immediately on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites.

Bringing in a team of experts to handle your online presence can help amplify your voice within these platforms. When it comes to connecting with a social media company, consider these important benefits:

Social media companies will create an online presence that people can trust.

In the non-profit world, winning the trust of donors, volunteers, and the community is essential. Participating in social media can prove to your followers that you are accessible, friendly, and genuine in your work.

Social media companies can create a variety of powerful content.

Social media has become so much more than just 140 characters on a screen. With the help of a professional, your non-profit can spread eye-opening images, illuminating videos, and powerful petitions and place them on the correct platform with promotion for optimum attention.

Social media companies will have the time to do it right.

If you’re heading a influential non-profit, you do not have extra time to create an effective social media strategy. A social media company can apply your marketing and outreach efforts online and reach your targeted demographic in a unique way.

A social media company will know how to handle sticky situations.

You hope it will never happen, but negative press and controversies can hurt non-profits. Social media gives you the platform you need to address problem areas immediately, if you know what to say. During these delicate moments, you’ll want a professional to take the reigns and offer appropriate solutions to online reputation issues.

Do you own or work for a non-profit? Step in and tell us a little more about how social media has helped spread awareness of your cause. You can find the conversation happening on Twitter! Tweet at us at @BallywhoSocial.

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