Why Using Social Media as a Reputation Management Tool Works for Hotels

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Reputation management through social media is essential in the travel industry.


While any business could benefit from the ability to monitor their reputation through social media, those that primarily serve out-of-town customers will find that they will come to rely on these online tools the most for reputation management.

Travelers have embraced online communities when it comes to finding trustworthy recommendations and making decisions about where they will rest their heads while they are on the road – and why wouldn’t they? The internet is a convenient and exhaustive reference while trying to make plans from a distance. If you run a hotel, you cannot ignore the influence of social media when it comes to finding (or scaring away) potential customers.

Here are a few ways that social media works as a reputation management tool for hotels:

It’s easy to find satisfied customers.

The best part about keeping an eye on social media feedback is reading all the positive reviews you’ll receive. Not only is this good for the ego, you can retweet and share these posts with your own followers, along with using the best reviews as testimonials on your website.

You can handle a customer’s bad experience immediately and publicly.

When complaints do come up – and they will for every hotel eventually – it won’t do you any good to be “blissfully” unaware of the situation. If you are active on social media, you’ll locate these potentially harmful posts right away. Reaching out to unhappy customers will not only appease them, it will show anyone watching that you care about your guests, and that you are willing to step up when their expectations aren’t met.

In a market that relies heavily on the internet to bring in customers, the online presence of your hotel is vital. How has social media changed the way you do business? Join the discussion and share your thoughts with us on Twitter!

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