How a Dedicated Social Media Agency Can Generate Leads for Car Dealerships

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Car dealers, without a social media presence, you could be missing out on great leads!

When it comes to selling cars, the competition is fierce. Making a sale just doesn’t work the way it used to. Many buyers are finding the cars they’re interested in online – before they even show up on your lot to test drive. A passive approach isn’t going to cut it, but with a dedicated social media agency by your side, you could be generating solid leads every day and getting ahead of your competition. Here’s how an active online presence can help.

You can easily find people who are already looking for a car.

Twitter’s search function makes it simple to reach out to prospective customers with a little nudge toward your dealership. It’s not hard to find someone local whose tweeting about car shopping this weekend, and a quick response about your latest sale could have them heading to your dealership first.

You can spread news of a great deal that’s just sitting on your lot.

Have a specific car that you’re itching to move? A social media agency will get the word out, complete with pictures and a starting price. You’ll reach a whole new audience, beyond those already on your website, using targeted demographics and promoted posts.

You’ll create trust among your followers.

There is an unfortunate reputation that follows around car salespeople – but an active online presence is the perfect antidote. A social media agency will increase your leads by shifting your image from sleazy stranger to trustworthy friend.

We love to hear stories about how social media is changing local industries. Has Facebook or Twitter affected the way you buy or sell cars? Join the conversation and share your thoughts with @BallywhoSocial.

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