How a Social Media Strategy Can Build Community Within a Local Neighborhood

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Your local business can create a close-knit community with a successful social media strategy.

Social media is often touted as a smart move for global or nation-wide businesses hoping to reach a larger audience – but local companies can also get in on the action. While your approach and goals may differ, a good social media strategy accomplishes one thing that all locally-minded businesses can get behind – it creates a strong sense of community and loyalty. Here’s how you can shape your online strategy to achieve this goal.

  • Build up your follower list. To create an online community, you’ll want to gain as many local subscribers as you can. Promote your social media profiles among existing customers. Give them incentives to follow, such as a free coupon or entrance into a contest.
  • Ask open-ended questions. Conversation is the driving force behind a strong community and a strong social media presence. You need to get interactive with your online presence! One effective strategy is to ask interesting questions that require more than just a yes or no answer – then keep that discussion going.
  • Respond to your followers. You can’t be a distant administrator if you want to make your social media pages feel like a community. Set aside some time each day to respond to any mentions or posts directed to you.
  • Promote local events. The best part of being a local business is that you can move seamlessly from connecting with customers online to connecting with them in person. Host promotional events, and encourage all your favorite online followers to attend.
  • Stay active. Social media is a commitment. When a page is left untended, followers may start to assume the worst – that you are struggling to manage your time properly, that you’ve stopped prioritizing customer relations, or that you’ve gone out of business altogether. If you can’t devote the time necessary to maintaining a solid online strategy, bring in a social media manager who can.

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