How a Social Media Company Can Help Sports Teams with Fan Engagement

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Score! Working with a social media company can help sports teams hit a home run with their fans online.

Social media isn’t just for introspective college students and businesses looking to make a sale. Any group can effectively use Facebook, Twitter and other networks to stay connected with their most loyal fans. Looking for new ways to engage? Here’s how a social media company can make a difference in the online presence of a sports team.

  • Get a pre-game buzz going – While your players and coaches are warming up, going over the game plan, and getting in the zone, your social media company will be hard at work, connecting with fans online who can’t wait for the game to begin.
  • Live tweet your games – When a fan can’t make a game, how can he be part of the action? Through social media! Regular updates can make fans feel like they’re really there.
  • Participate in discussions after games – There’s nothing like a good debate after a close match. Let a social media manager keep the discussion going.
  • Promote each player – The most loyal fans feel as if they have a connection with their favorite players. Social media can provide exclusive interviews, opportunities for Q&As, and contests for autographed jerseys and caps.
  • Stay active during the off-season – Don’t neglect your fans after the last game ends. A consistent social media schedule will keep the engagement going until the next season comes around.
  • Handle a scandal – Unfortunately, scandals are often a part of sports. An online presence gives you the platform you need to address these little hiccups, but will you know what to say? A good social media company will have just the right words.

Whether you’re managing a sports team, a band, or your own personal brand, fans love the opportunity to follow along with up-to-the-minute updates on social media. How do you engage with your fans? Join the discussion and share your best tips with us on Twitter!

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