Determining Which Social Networks Allow For Content That Fits Your Social Media Strategy

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Does your social media strategy include the right mixture of social networks for your online presence?

It seems like a new social networking site is taking the online world by storm every day, while an old one falls out of favor. Trying to keep up with the latest trends will give anyone whiplash. Rather than trying to be at the forefront of each new fad, marketers should consider their social media strategy and decide which social networks are well suited for their particular brand and industry. Ask yourself these questions to create the best social profile for your organization.

What is your target demographic?

Compare the demographic you want to reach with the demographics of the top social networks. Where do you find an overlap? Facebook has the widest reach, so that is a safe choice for most brands. Twitter and Instagram are primarily used by teens and 20-somethings who live in urban environments, while Pinterest best targets a slightly older female audience in a rural setting.

How visual is your industry?

Many brands have impressive success stories through picture-oriented social networks, such as Pinterest, but this approach only works if your products or services lend themselves to aesthetically-pleasing visuals that people will want to share. Popular categories include weddings, fitness, foods, fashion, travel, and home decor.

Will your audience value lengthy tutorials or quick shares?

Do your followers want more than 140 characters? Blogs and YouTube are perfect for more time-intensive content. If you are trying to attract more potential customers by offering free how-tos or other resources, determine whether this information is best delivered through text or video.

What are your social media goals?

Finally, you need to consider what you want your social media accounts to accomplish. While Pinterest is often touted as one of the most effective sites for making sales, it isn’t always great at creating brand awareness. Twitter, on the other hand, allows you to easily meet new people and join conversations.

What social networks have worked best for your brand or business? Tell us why you chose the sites you did! You can connect with BallywhoSocial in a variety of places, including Facebook, Twitter, InstagramGoogle+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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