Why is it Important to Have a Good Cover Photo?

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Everybody loves a good makeover — and your Facebook cover photo might need one!

By Brittany Shaw

How is your Facebook cover photo looking? Is it following all of the new rules?

New rules?

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, it’s time to brush up on Facebook’s requirements for cover photos. You might not give it much thought because so many personal and professional pages violate the rules, but Facebook actually has some tough restrictions on how much text you can use and what your cover photo can say.

We haven’t heard much about this rule being enforced, but you can bet that will change soon. Facebook announced earlier this month that it had redesigned its news feed. It’s a lot cleaner and more organized (dare we say Pinterest-ish? No?) with “sub-feeds” that let you look at specific categories of posts, like music or friends-only. It also makes your cover image more noticeable to users, which will make your brand look a lot better too … if you are following the new rules.

Right now, the image you chose for the top of your Timeline mostly lives there. But in the new news feed design, it will show up every time someone follows you personally or your company.

Nice — right? Think about your current cover image … will it stack up? Does it say what you want it to say about your brand? More importantly, is it violating any Facebook rules that could get it pulled?

Get noticed! Make an impression! Need inspiration? Take a look at a few of the cover photos we think will definitely catch your eye when scrolling through the new news feed — and all are in check with the rules!

1. Skittles — It exemplifies the product really well, the colors catch your attention and it shows a sense of humor.

2. Starbucks — This cover photo makes you crave something yummy and teases you to get you to click on the page to see what it is. (Who’s thirsty?)

3. Better Homes and Gardens — Their cover image is timely, artistic and fresh.

4. Peeps — Who doesn’t love a good Peep this time of year? This cover photo is simple but displays the product and catchphrase in an attractive way without breaking the rules for text.

5. Staples — This cover photo shows their famous catchword but still manages to follow the rules — plus it’s artsy!

So your business doesn’t serve coffee or colorful candy that photographs well. We understand. You might need a little more of an effort. Here are 5 suggestions:

  • Show faces: Humanize your brand by showcasing some of the people who work there, or customers who enjoy your product.
  • Show location: Is there anything eye-catching about your office? Your building? The city you call home?
  • Show events: You can’t have a “call to action” promoting your event, but you could post pictures of your office training for a charity race, for example, or assembling goodie bags to prepare for an expo. Update it with a photo from the event itself. UPDATE: Calls-to-action are now OK, Facebook says.
  • Show seasons: Build a photo around a holiday or time of year. You don’t want sweaters and ski caps in July, anyway.
  • Show milestones: Take a staff photo to commemorate an award or another goal achieved. Or show us examples of what earned you recognition (just watch the text!).

Remember, the new news feed is bringing your cover photo out of hiding, and it’s to your advantage to polish that image. Having a good cover photo will help market your brand, it will show your imaginative side, and it will certainly help drive traffic to your page — if it follows the rules!

Brittany Shaw is a writer for BallywhoSocial. You can find her on Twitter @brittanyshaw_ or follow our BallywhoSocial account for social media tips, news and more @BallywhoSocial.


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