Why Hewlett-Packard is So Successful on LinkedIn

HP now has more than a million followers on LinkedIn. What’s their secret?


By Kara White

Hewlett-Packard recently celebrated the milestone as the first company to gain 1 million followers on the social media networking site LinkedIn. Since then, the numbers have been steadily increasing.

The number of followers a business has can count for a lot; news and information can reach an even larger audience. And for many companies, the audience they’ll find on LinkedIn will fit demographics they want to target. LinkedIn is the go-to social site for business news and networking, with members who are plugged in and educated. Two out of three members use it for business purposes, such as keeping updated on industry news. They are 93 percent more likely to be college graduates than the average adult who is online.

LinkedIn has made it easy for users to stay on top of the latest happenings of their favorite brands and businesses thanks to its “Follow” button. HP greatly benefited from this simple inclusion as more than a million people (and counting) clicked the little button.

So, what does HP do right?

They’re taking active steps to engage. HP is purposefully building emotional connections with their followers on LinkedIn, and they’re not being shy about it. They are reaching out and encouraging dialogue as well as testing their marketing messages with people who already show a vested interest in the company itself. They now have a built-in test audience that lets them know when they approve of something and when they don’t. Whenever negative feedback is given, HP just has to make a few changes to their marketing message and unveil it to their audience in a different way.

They’re giving their followers what they want. The type of content that HP provides is exactly what followers are looking for. They are senior-level employees who make the decisions about what products their companies and businesses use. Plus, the HP LinkedIn page provides insider updates and opportunities to network with HP executives. Through their research, HP has defined what their customers are looking for and what they’re interested in when they come to their LinkedIn page, which include:

  • Company information
  • Job search options
  • Info on products and services
  • Networking and business connections

They know their target market. By focusing on people that have chosen to follow HP and then building and maintaining relationships, the company knows that their current followers are likely to recommend new products and services to others. The “Products & Services” tab on their LinkedIn page allows people to give recommendations and let everyone know just how happy they are with their HP products. Followers are also more likely to think of HP when they’re making their next purchases.

They used targeted LinkedIn Follow ads. And so can you, if you have the budget. These ads will show up in the feed of those that fit HP’s target demographic of professionals in the industry. HP benefited from this application considerably and, presumably, those who were following and making buying products also felt like they were getting something out of the relationship.

But more than ads and marketing, HP found success on LinkedIn because the company was willing to form quality relationships and provide quality content to their followers. Keep this in mind the next time you’re working on outreach in order to attract new customers and see if you notice a difference.

LinkedIn has given HP the opportunity to fine-tune their message and deliver it to a specific audience, which will only increase buzz and, in turn, boost profits. The site has untapped potential for many businesses. Take a look at what HP is doing on social media and follow their lead.

Kara White is a writer and editor for BallywhoSocial. Follow our BallywhoSocial account on Twitter for social media tips, news and more @BallywhoSocial.


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