Changes Come to Google+ Profiles

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Google+ profiles have a new look, easier editing.

By Courtney Cairns Pastor

If you have been neglecting your Google+ profile, it’s time to get back in there and give it a facelift. Because right now, it might look pretty bad.

Google+ rolled out changes on Wednesday to emphasize images and play up some features. The cover photo is the most obvious difference and will likely alarm you when you log in. The formatting is off, the field is giant and there’s a circle around your profile picture. Clearly a redesign of our image is in order to fit the new dimensions.

“Cover photos just got bigger,” it says when you log in, and that’s no exaggeration. The cover photos look huge, up to 2120 pixels by 1192 pixels that display in 16×9 when expanded. It’s a little shocking at first, but the flexibility (compared to Facebook’s oddly narrow cover photos) is nice. You can even crop the picture to your liking, unlike on Facebook. This is a snapshot of the newly designed cover photo Google’s Sara McKinley is using.

This is a lot of flowers and a very tiny profile picture, by comparison. Brands will want to make sure the background isn’t so busy that their logo or profile picture gets lost. You can see how we handled it by visiting the BallywhoSocial Google+ page.

McKinley announced other changes as well that are being rolled out gradually across the platform:

Easier editing. The “About” tab now shows up like different cards, such as Places, Links and Story (give a snappy summary of what you do and then introduce yourself in more depth). How to edit each panel is clear, and when you click on it, you can also adjust who can see each category of information.

Local “Reviews” tab. Do a lot of reviews and want people to know what you have to say? You’ll have a tab on your profile that houses all of them. Or not. You can go to your settings and hide it if you don’t want to share that on your profile.

Once you have gotten used to Google+, prepare for Facebook to rock your world. Facebook is announcing changes to its news feed today. TechCrunch posted earlier this week about the speculation on what it will look like.

What do you think about the changes for Google+ and Facebook?

Courtney Cairns Pastor is a writer and community manager for BallywhoSocial. You can find her on Twitter @courtneycp or follow our BallywhoSocial account for social media tips, news and more @BallywhoSocial.


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